Style: experimental

Lysergide (Laurence Toms-Arbel) is a DJ and producer

he has been heavily involved with music from a young age. Having played in various metal bands over the past decade, he is well practiced on a number of musical instruments including: drums, guitar and vocals. Being so involved in the music industry and studying music at University in London, this has resulted in him utilizing live instruments in many of his productions.

Over the years Lysergide has released many tracks on labels such as: , Speedcore Italia, Speedcore Worldwide, Globe Entertainment, Noisekick Records , Gutter CVNT, Frenchkickz Records, Kurrupt Recordings Hard, Phrentikal Records and more….

From 2014 – 2018 he was heavily involved in the Frenchcore scene. He started his own label ‘Frenchkickz Records’. Recently he has taken a different route and concentrated all his efforts on producing Speedcore & Terror.
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