Style: Terror , Speedcore

Nekrosystem (Valerio Di Masi) is a DJ and producer

Born and raised in Italy.
He started his Terror/Speedcore project in 2010.
Since 2013 Nekrosystem has released EPʼs, albums and singles for the labels such as: Noisekick Records, Headfuck Records, Thunderdome Be yourself Records, Speedcore Italia and Speedcore Worldwide.
He made tracks with F. Noize, Da Mouth of Madness, The Destroyer, Komprex , Groan-er, Nawoto Suzuki.
Together with Muisz van Gemert he started this label in 2016 doing releases,events and bookings Since 2017 he joined Terrordrang Booking Agency.

NEKROSYSTEM can be booked by us worldwide