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The Impermissible

The Impermissible

DJ and Producer

Style: Acid , Techno , Industrial , DnB , Oldschool Hardcore , Oldschool Terror and Speedcore

Coming from Belgium.

Started his DJ activities in 2016 with playing Terror & Speedcore, and started making music in these styles in 2017.In 2018 Terrorwasbeer took the direction of playing and producing the more Oldschool-driven sound of Terror & Speedcore.

Early-2021 Terrorwasbeer expanded his sound to the total Oldschool Spectrum and started his universal alt: “Wasbeer”.

The announcement of a big release followed after: “The Codex of Sound” album, which got unleashed into the world in February 2022.

Wasbeer focusses on genres like Acid, Techno, Industrial, Drum & Bass, Hardcore,.. while Terrorwasbeer still focusses on the sound of Terror & Speedcore.

Terrorwasbeer is active as label owner of “Wasbeer Records” and is part of the organization of “Berzerk”.

Terrorwasbeer has performed on various parties like: “Hardcore Maniacs”, “Deadtown”, “Innercore”, “Berzerk”,.. and released music on labels like: “United Gabba Alliance Records”, “No Newstyle”, “Speedcore Worldwide”,..Terrorwasbeer; but also Wasbeer are bookable for their respective genres at Speedcore Italia for parties and events outside Belgium.

THE IMPERMISSIBLE can only be booked by us outside BELGIUM

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