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Total Kaos

Total Kaos

DJ's and Producers

Style: Terror

Luciano Lamanna Born in 1977, spreading the disease since 1997. 

Resident in Rome, he's one of the most honorable names of the Italian electronic scene.

Since the 90s he's a pioneer of techno-rave music as well as composer and producer involved in hip-hop, new wave, underground metal and industrial music.

Co-founder of Scuderia Records alongside Landi and founder member of Tekno Mobil Squad, sound engineer at Subsound Studio, he has been involved in dozens of projects during his now long career experimenting in extreme musical genres. 

He has been remixed by Unit Moebius, Paul Birken, Al Ferox, Positive Centre, The Twins Artcore, Formek, D. Carbone...

His strength thus lies in the puzzle of sounds which is the fruit of the most desperate of experiences from techno, punk, industrial, wave and electronic, all of which are knowledgeably tessellated through the violet art of improvisation. 

Also known as Virus Voice, he joined the partnership with Nekrosystem in 2023 founding the terror core duo formerly known as Total Kaos.

TOTAL KAOS can be booked by us WORLDWIDE

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