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Antisocial Terror

Antisocial Terror

DJ and Producer

Style: Darkcore, Terror , Speedcore

Coming from the UK. He started his journey as a youngster, stealing his older sisters Happy Hardcore cassette tapes and found his love for Hardcore music.

Attending his first party back in 2004 he discovered Tommorows World.

Instantly loving the harder sounds he found his passion for Dutch Hardcore.

Later saving up and buying soms 1210's and learning how to play himself.

Playing Mainstream Gabber under the name Asbo, he racked up many residencies, one being UK Hardcore Energy. With the success of his "Gabbers" sets -

UK Hardcore Energy offered him the chance to promote his own monthly "Harder Styles" night called Rehab, which is still going strong today.

Since undergoing a new name, Antisocial Terror, things have clicked and a whole new journey has begun. Playing at events throughout Englang, he has also taken his Terror overseas to Holland and Belgium. He is now pushing his boundaries, producing the most brutal Terror and Speedcore possible - Straight out of England.

ANTISOCIAL TERROR can only be booked by us outside ENGLAND

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