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DJ and Producer

Style: Hard-Bass , Schranz , Hardtechno , Terror , Speedcore

All the way from Norway!

From 2007 he is dedicated to the music and the production. Starting in the underground scene in Spain in rave and parties.

In 2008 he began with the world of Hardcore / Hardtechno / Scharnz, which in the following years started his journey in the production of Terror, Speedcore and Flashcore. Till today producing a personal style and structure, with variations in speed and composition. (from 300-4000 BPM)

He has released tracks/albums and EP on Speedcore Worldwide since 2013, and also collaborted with Hellcreator. In 2019 he also started to release for Speedcore Italia.

He also promoted events together with Groan-er in Poland and the rest of Europe.

REAKTOR-TH can only be booked by us outside NORWAY

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