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Normally, when you come to a doctor's appointment, the doctor asks the questions about what you did and how you feel. But what if we turned the tables for once? We contacted our doctor in loud music and asked Doctor Terror about his diagnosis.

When did you start this concept?

"I started Doctor Terror in 2010, as part of a duo act together with Hellseeker. We performed a lot together and regularly solo as well, but when Hellseeker decided to quit as an artist I continued completely as a solo act."

How did you come to join Speedcore Italia?

"I've known Muisz and Valerio for years now. Valerio (Nekrosystem) and I were also in Terrordrang Agency together at the time. When Noisekick decided to stop doing this, I no longer had a label. After some time looking at which label would suit me best, I ultimately signed with Speedcore Italia."

What should a Doctor Terror track look like?

"There are many things I pay attention to when making a new track. First of all, it has to have a good sound. That's the most important thing to me and is really something I want to stand for. Also, I think a brutal kick is important and I like to throw in speedcore crossovers, for example. Obviously because, look at the label."

Although your name suggests otherwise, you also play tracks by artists from other hardcore genres. Is there a reason for that?

"It was never really the intention to just do terror alone. That 'Doctor Terror' idea just kind of took off. I appreciate different styles and I don't necessarily want to think in boxes. For example, before 'Doctor Terror', I played a lot of tekno. But I also like to play mainstream hardcore and industrial, just to name a few. It's just what I feel like at that moment. If I like something from another artist I want to be able to incorporate that into my sets."

Are there any cool projects coming up?

"Definitely! For example, I'm going to organize some events myself again. I haven't done that for years, so I'm looking forward to that again. I'm also busy producing new music. I have two new releases coming up and they are both vinyl releases! So in short, there's some really cool stuff coming up so stay tuned!"

One of your bookings this year is Outcast, what do you expect from this party?

"I expect Outcast to be a real bashing party, meant for the real hardheads.

It's a nice unique concept at a good location, so it should be good. Full throttle to the max!"

Have you been at this venue before?

"I've played at the Willemeen before, but that was more than ten years ago. Then I was at TK07, a tekno party of Bart Hard, among others, where I got to spin with The DJ Producer. I was playing an industrial set back then and now I'm going to perform fully terror."

Would you like to give one last shout-out?

"Everyone should come to Outcast. Especially people from the Arnhem area, where the party is organized. This party is the perfect opportunity to support the terror scene again and see some really great artists. We are going to make it a big party to the max!"

That's the prescription the doctor provides us. Do you want to see Doctor Terror in action, just like the rest of the brutal line-up that wants to demolish the Willemeen? Then order your ticket for Outcast through our website.


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