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Get your new gear at our merch stand

Since last year our crew member Demi is the face of our merchandise stand. And ever since, the stand looks better and better with every edition. Just as usual, you will find the merch in the tunnel right next to the dancefloor.

Regular visitors know it’s worth it to visit our stand at every party. Not only because Demi will welcome everybody with a great smile and hospitality, but always because we love to show you our new items. This edition, for example, you will find our newest “New York” collection, designed by the talented artist Sovereign Nobel Arts (who you should definitely follow on Instagram @smib_noble_art). But there is more. On many requests, we are now also selling our own lighters. So fire up those cigarettes in style!

See you at Deadtown and don’t forget to check out the merchandise stand! And if you have a request for any items, clothes, gadgets or whatever, let us know. Maybe we will have them during our next party.

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