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Terror from the land of the Rising Sun

During Deadtown, we have a lot of artists and fans from all different countries. But one person in particular is taking it to the extreme. Some may have already noticed the artwork for Deadtown 10 has an Asian influence, and that’s not without a reason. We like to introduce you to RedOgre, a talented artist who has made this edition’s anthem.

RedOgre is a terror and speedcore artist from Japan and has been active as an artist since 2007. He was already familiar with Speedcore Italia, but at first he was just checking out information and music. Soon, that changed.

“I received a message from Nekrosystem, after I made a remix of his and Nawoto Suzuki’s track M.O.A.B. (Mother of All Bombs). We started talking and after releasing a few tracks on the Speedcore Italia label, he offered me to join them. Of course I said yes.”

Before Deadtown, RedOgre mostly played at small venues in his home country. However, he did played across the border before. For example, in 2018 he performed at Raveolution in Sydney, Australia, alongside artists like Thrasher, Detest, Brisk and fellow Japanese producer M-Project. His first European performance was a year later, where he played at three different events in the Netherlands. The biggest of these events was the Deadtown area of Noisekick’s Terrordrang. “I’ve never been to Germany before, but I like German beer though (lol)”.

RedOgre was already planned to play in 2020, but because of COVID that edition had to be cancelled. “I’m very excited for Deadtown! Finally I’ll take part of Speedcore Italia’s main event.” Playing at the Mikroport Club in Krefeld makes him even more excited. “Nekrosystem said this is the perfect place to play terror/speedcore, because of the acoustic and vibe. Also, I'm looking forward to see the other artists, because most of them I have never seen perform before.”

RedOgre can’t wait to expand his music and wants to make Speedcore Italia even more exciting with everybody. Curious about his unique style and one-of-a-kind way of performing? Join his set on October 7th during Deadtown 10.

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