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Dj Rhose

Dj Rhose

DJ and Producer

Style: Oldschool , Jungle , DnB , Industrial , Darkcore , Tekno , (early)Hardcore , Doomcore , (early)Terror , Speedcore

The very first lady in the family from The Netherlands.

She played with her brother's turntables while she was 14 years young. Her DJ career started while she was only 15 years. 2004 to be exactly. One of her first gigs was Multigroove, the Delicate Sound of Thunder. She played at a lot of parties like Hellbound, Multigroove, Buzz Fuzz goes BZRK, CSR, Sunday High, RengDengDeng, Ruhr in Love, Megarave and more...

She released tracks with Chrono for Peacock Records in 2015 and for Megarave Records 2 EP's in 2012 and 2014. One of these tracks reached the first place in a German Magazine. But she wanted more....She started her own business and only focused on daw, without Chrono. It was a hard long road, but now she is busy in her own studio everyday. She has released her own very first EP on Viral Conspiracy Records (IT) 2019. Her first solo track was released on Intensive Core Records and later on Speedcore Italia again a solo track.

You can expect a lot more this lady because there are already new tracks ready to be released!

DJ RHOSE can only be booked by us outside THE NETHERLANDS

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