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Find your photo of Terrordrang

Our paparazzi chick Tanya was at Terrordrang with a mission: find as many Speedcore Italia supporters as possible and make an official supporter picture of them. But you guys were with so many, that she needed to decide who to shoot and who had to be passed. This resulted in a beautiful set of enthusiastic fans and die-hard party animals, which you can find on our socials and on the website.

Weren’t you at Terrordrang or did you miss her? That doesn’t matter, because she will walk around on the dancefloor more often. You will get another chance on 18 November, during Pandemonium. So if you are going to support Nekrosystem in the hot as hell terror area of Sporthallen Zuid, don’t forget to put on your favorite merchandise and ask Tanya for a picture if you see her. We always love to see your dedication.

And if you already have a supporter pic you want us to share, just send it to us and we will share it on our channels soon.


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