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Hitting hard from here to Hong Kong

So here it is! The collab you (and we) were waiting for! Maybe you saw us already wearing it during Harmony of Hardcore, but from now on you can do this too!

Very proudly we can tell you all we have collaborated with no other than the legendary label of Hong Kong Violence, to make this incredibly awesome T-shirt. We mixed in both our signature styles and the logos couldn’t fit even better! We just absolutely love it and hope you will too. This insane tee is an absolute must-have for every fan of extreme music. I mean, just look at how phonky it looks at both the Speedcore Italia and Hong Kong Violence crews!

And now you can have it too! The collab T-shirt is now available at our merch store. So get your sweat shop earned change money together and get your new outfit before it’s gone! No serious, do it NOW! Check out our online store and make yourself a happy little terrorhead.


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