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Please welcome our newest artist: Xaey

During the tenth edition of Deadtown, you will see a lot of familiar faces, but also some new ones. One of them is Xaey, the brand-new member of our Speedcore Italia famiglia. With his debut coming very soon, we have the perfect excuse to ask him some questions and get to know him a little bit better.

Can you introduce yourself?

“Hey there, I’m Xaey! I've been a music producer for about 9 years now. Recently I became a member of the Speedcore Italia label.”

How did you came up with the name ‘Xaey’? And how do you pronounce it? :P

“When I was younger, I played a lot of World of Warcraft. In this game, I named my character Xaey, for whatever reason. When I started to use SoundCloud, I decided to re-use this name, because I already was familiar with it. Personally, I would pronounce it as "Ksy" [ksaɪ̯].”

How did you get in touch with Speedcore Italia?

“I was thinking about making an EP and Speedcore Italia was my favorite choice to release this on. So I just simply wrote to them and asked if it was possible, even while I wasn’t a member nor had something to show from my newest stuff. After a while, I sent them what I’ve got so far and to my surprise, they really liked it. Even so much, that they offered me to join Speedcore Italia.”

Have you already played at other parties before?

“I haven’t played on any real events. I only played at small private parties. Deadtown will be my first actual party, what makes me even more excited.”

Is this your first time being at a Speedcore Italia event?

“No, I’ve been to a few Speedcore Italia events already, and I was never disappointed! I can highly recommend, to everyone who hasn’t visited these parties yet, to not miss this experience. And now is the perfect time!”

You are going to play a versus set with DJ Tinnitus. How did you two met?

“I met him during an event by Survival. We started meeting for some studio sessions and became good friends. He is a pretty good DJ and has more club experience than I do. This will make him a perfect partner to play with.”

Where are you looking forward to the most?

“Of course, I am excited for my set. But I’m also looking forward to meet new people, enjoy all the other acts and just have a good time together.”

And finally, why should people go to your set?

“This set will include something for everyone. People who don’t know my music will get a good taste of it. Also, I’ll be playing some unreleased stuff, where I think that my sound has improved a lot compared to my old tracks.”

Don’t miss out on Xaey’s very first gig as part of Speedcore Italia and join Deadtown on Saturday the 7th of October in the Mikroport Club in Krefeld, Germany.

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