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The return of Terrordrang was a blast

After a long time we finally could return to Club Rodenburg for another edition of Noisekick’s Terrordrang. Speedcore Italia has been hosting the second area for years now, so we were really excited to get back to this amazing venue. And amazing it was.

This time our Deadtown stage went to the roof. Literally, because instead of the area directly to the left of the club, we’ve got the stage upstairs. A new setting, but one that was packed from the start. And not only that. You also really showed your love for terror in the main area, where some of our big-hitters were destroying the dancefloor. And on top of that, our first ever merchandise sale during this event was out of this world. The sales went so fast that after a few hours we were already sold out of some of our best products. The only thing we can say is that this Terrordrang was a great night and thanks to all the hardheads to make this so successful. We are already looking forward to the next edition.

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