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When genres collide

On the 2nd of December, Speedcore Italia will join forces with No New Style for an epic battle in Mikroport Club, Krefeld. Most people probably already know about the concept, but what do you know about the people behind the name? Let’s find out by giving the word to two really great fellows.

“Hi guys, we are OiraD and Ferra, DJs and producers from Northern Italy. Alongside Gigi, Kobe, Ninetysix and Empi, we are the lead artists of No New Style. Generally our sound ranges respectively from early hardcore to more hardcore gabber and terror/speedcore.”

The spread of the nostalgic sound

“Our adventure leading to No New Style started at the end of 2019, but long before that, we have been present on stage of many NNS parties as well as other crews in the area. What everybody at NNS have in common, is the passion for the hardcore sound, which resulted in the desire to carry out evenings with only the old style. Here, we only play live and on vinyl.”

As for the early hardcore scene in Italy, we are in a period in which there are many artists who propose new productions and fresh air to the scene. However, they are not often proposed by some of the main large clubs in the north of the country (don’t ask us why). Precisely for this reason, we decided to vigorously carry forward what we believe is valid with our party. Also, we try to bring something different than what you can find in the big clubs that offer hardcore in Italy. We try to organize a party every 3 or 4 months in the area of Bergamo/Brescia. This time will be the first party where we are able to leave Italy.”

Two Italian forces unite over the boundaries

“Initially, we came in contact with Speedcore Italia by contacting Nekrosytem for one of our parties. But because of the COVID-pandemic, this party sadly was canceled. Subsequently, Valerio came up with the idea of bringing the No New Style crew to the Mikroport Club in Germany, where we would have our own dedicated area. Speedcore Italia felt like this could only be right. By this, we could fully share the style and sound that unites us.”

“From this party we expect to bring something that ranges from the harder primordial sound to the faster ones. Also, we look forward to new productions of the great array of artists presented to the evening. With other words: We can’t wait to be there!”

Future wishes for NNS

“Obviously, we love to organize our parties more often outside of Italy. Examples are countries like the Netherlands or France, where the hardcore spirit is more alive than ever. The only party that’s already scheduled for next year is in Italy in February.”

“We can’t wait to bring down the Mikroport Club. Get ready for two rooms where the sound won’t let you breathe for a moment. Expect a wide range of styles in the NNS-area, from industrial and early terror to speedcore!”

Thanks to OiraD and Ferra for this exciting interview. Do you also want to be at No New Style’s debut outside their own country? Be sure you guarantee yourself a ticket. We love to see you on 2 December. Be prepared for the unexpected!


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