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Terror music is hereditary

He is without a doubt the fastest rising star of the moment in the harder styles of hardcore music. And now, we can finally welcome him at our own Deadtown event. So let’s use this opportunity to ask Bruhze more about how he became so big at such a young age.

When and why did you start DJing?

“I started in 2020 with spinning the DJ wheels, during the COVID-lockdowns. I was pretty bored at the time and wanted to learn something new. So my dad (DJ Akira) came up with the idea to re-install the turning tables and he wanted to teach me how to DJ. This resulted in countless nights of practicing, livestreams and eventually my first gigs!”

So being an artist wasn’t already a dream of you?

“To be honest, I didn’t already thought about working in the music industry. I'm actually someone who prefers to live in the moment and not to set up anything too big or ambitious. Whatever comes, will come. I have no idea what other career I would’ve picked. Currently I’m still studying and this can go either way. I enjoy and appreciate the fact that I can now perform as a DJ. I never expected this to happen!”

What influence did Akira have on your music and career choices?

“I think my mixing style and record choices do take a bit away from my dad. I play early terror, to speedcore and some heavy industrial with phat beats in it. It has to be hard and wild! I think my dad and I have a similar mindset. We share the same mentality about music, but also in daily life.”

What distinguishes you from Akira?

“For me personally, that’s a difficult question. Mainly because I think my style does take a lot from Akira, but with its own twist. I actually wouldn’t know how to describe this. Some people say that my style is a little less phonky and leans more towards the hardcore, while others say that I come across differently on stage than my dad. But I wouldn’t know myself hahahaha!”

Were you already familiar with our concept?

“I already knew about Speedcore Italia beforehand! Personally, I think Speedcore Italia is one of the leading labels in the speedcore scene at the moment. They are one of the very few that still puts speedcore (and faster) on the line-ups and give these artists a place to shine.”

“I have never been to the Mikroport Club, but I’m super excited! The stories and images I hear and see of this place look wicked. Really a straight in your face, hard and dark location. It’s amazing to be able to play here.”

Do you have any other exciting things on schedule?

“I want to dedicate this year to work more on music productions. By the end of this year, I wanted to prove that besides DJing, I can also make some bold productions. Who knows what 2024 will bring!”

What do you expect from Deadtown 11?

“I’m super thrilled about Deadtown! I’m looking forward to the location, the sound system, the other acts and DJs and everybody that’s going to visit the party. It’s going to be an absolutely fun night!”

Is there anything else you want to say to our audience?

“Dear visitors of Deadtown, I want to thank you beforehand for a banger of a party. Also, thank you for supporting all the other artists on the line-up, Speedcore Italia itself and of course me. Let’s rock the night!”

Don’t miss out Bruhze’s set, as well as the other artists, during Deadtown 11, Saturday the 2nd of March 2024, Mikroport Club, Krefeld Germany. Tickets are available at our website.


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