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The devil’s misses made me do this return

Updated: Feb 3

He had to be absent for way too long, but finally we can welcome DJ Devastation back to the Deadtown line-up. And this is all because of his beloved partner. Want to know more of this? Let’s find out.

DJ Devastation is one of the first artists of Speedcore Italia. In his own words, how he met the Speedcore Italia crew was ‘simply hilarious’. “Years ago, I took Miss Devastation (my beloved Daniela) to her first Terrordrang. Among the crowd she spotted Valerio (Nekrosystem), who was one of her friends from the Apulian death metal scene. He had to play that night and so she introduced me to him. That night I also met a very excited Muisz hahaha.”

“During his set, I was blown away by his musical violence. So I congratulated him after his set and we started talking about my producer activities, what I've been doing since 2002. Shortly after that, we all met at the ‘Nekrohouse’ in Valerio’s hometown Massafra, Italy, and were listening to my tracks. Both Valerio and Muisz were thrilled about my productions and so, long story short, I became an official member of Speedcore Italia after 15 years of relentless BPM in 2017! That magical meeting forged a very strong bond between us, far beyond music.”

It’s been so long

The last time Devastation played live was at Terrordrang in 2019. As an answer to that, he says it’s way too long and laughs hysterically. The absence in 2020 was mainly because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Speedcore projects for Deadtown and Terrordrang, as well as various guests in different tattoo studios in the Netherlands, Germany and the USA (check out his tattoo art via Crossbone Studio) immediately fell away because of this. So in this very difficult time, Devastation decided to dedicate himself mostly to his job.

“Fortunately”, as he continues. “Light was born out of the darkness in 2021, because of the birth of my son Yuma. This made me really inactive as a DJ, as well as I had to put my death metal band Implodead on hold. I did it reluctantly, as I have been a passionate death metal guitarist and vocalist since I was 15 years old. We’ll see in the future.”

However, Devastation is back at Speedcore Italia’s main event, and this all because of his lady. “Daniela is wonderful! She arranged this booking without my knowledge. She talked with Valerio and then, she let me find the plane ticket inside a “matryoshka” setting, consisting of thirty empty boxes, ahahahah!”

This year holds a bright future

Devastation can’t wait to return to the tunnel. “My supporters have been waiting for a Devastation live performance for too long. I will be glad to give them really obscure and abysmal atmospheres, devoted to the Horned One.”

And this is not everything! He is also busy composing all instruments for a band new project, called Cyber God. Together with the talented singer Francesco Valentino, they will play a sort of modern dark synthwave. Uploads of these tunes will be uploaded soon on Spotify, so stay tuned! However, at the moment, his focus lies mostly on March, when he and Daniela are expecting their second child.

Words of the Last Supper

So why should anyone that isn’t familiar with Devastation’s sound go to his set? Well, let him do the talking. “If you love being raped by kicks or being enveloped by vibrations above 666 BPM, you can’t miss my set ahahaha! You will end up wrapped in my tracks as if they are biomechanical ropes in Shibari techniques. It’s a promise wink wink.”

“I want to thank the Speedcore Italia crew for the dedication and passion they put into carrying forward the extreme music scene. I also wanna thank my supporters, both as a producer and as a dark style tattoo artist. Procreate and worship Satan!”

Enough reasons to come to Devastation’s set at Deadtown 11, Saturday the 2nd of March 2024 in Mikroport Club, Krefeld Germany. Still no tickets? Get them while they’re still hot as hell!

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